Update period expired - mixed versions on 2 computers

When I opened one of my lightburn files today, it said my file was created with a newer version of lightburn (1.1.03). Turns out that my laptop has 1.1.03 and the desktop has 1.0.06. But apparently my license won’t let me update the desktop to 1.1.03. So any files I create on my laptop won’t load right on my desktop. How does this happen with the same license key? Shouldn’t it have limited both computers to the same version when the updated period ended? I need both computers to have the same version. It feels like my key should have had a “last version” stored so I would always get that version when I download the software? Any help is appreciated!

I believe this is correct.

What’s preventing the update? Is there a particular message that you’re getting? Can you take a screenshot of the message?

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Sorry, I should have put the message. It said something like “This file was created with a newer version of lightburn, so opending may cause issues.” Then when I tried to update to a newer version it said “Your license is still active, but your update period has expired.” somehow my laptop and desktop computer got out of sync with what license they should have had.

Regardless, I had to get my work done and I was going to upgrade anyway, so I paid for another year of the license. This fixed the issue since i could upgrade both computers to the newest version.

Glad you found a solution that worked for you.

For reference you should have been able to update to the latest eligible version for your license and matched the version on the other computer by separately downloading the required version.

You can download any release including historical releases from GitHub here:
Releases · LightBurnSoftware/deployment · GitHub

Thanks, that is good to know. I checked my licenses page and it didn’t have anything listing what version I owned or how to download it. It would be nice if it was there, similar to how Adobe lists downloads available for any licenses I have.

Also, it may be possible that the software checks for the newest version, which may be after my last eligible version. Maybe it should check for my last eligible version if it is past and update to that. Rather than having to look for my last available version manually. Either way, it probably doesn’t affect many people.

Yeah. I noticed this too. I think you can only go off of the release date of the version as compared to your license validity period.

This is almost certainly true. This would only really be a problem if the software wasn’t kept current until the license expired but yeah… this could be easier.

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