Update plans for xTool lasers?

Hello - I’m considering purchasing a subscription to Lightburn but am curious whether there are software update plans such as autofocus for the recently launched P2 Co2 and F1 Galvo lasers?

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I am also interested when LightBurn and Xtool P2 laser will work together like the D1 Pro. Could somebody please reply from LightBurn and let us know if there’s plans within the next couple months to fix this. Creative Space is not lightburn please help

I am in same position. I own a P2 and would really like to use Lightburn with it. Currently I create the design and import it into xcs. A real pain.
Cheers pe7

Same here. I purchased lighburn for my atomstck diode two years ago and after getting the P2 I miss all the features. I check daily to see of there’s an announcement that lightburn has been updated to fully work with this machine

I’d love for Lightburn to incorporate support for the Xtool P2 and the F1 laser.
I’m so used to LightBurn that using XCS is killing me. Has any timeline been given on when we might expect to get these lasers supported?

Agree but haven’t heard of any plans or timing! They’re missing a great opportunity to improve the customer experience…

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