Update software to ruida

Hi guy’s,
My co2 80w laser with ruida controler is almost at home.
My question is :
If I update the lightburn software to work with ruida, will I still can use it wit my EleksMaster laser ?

Yes, the DSP version of the software includes support for the Gcode devices. It supports all the devices possible.

Thx for your reply Ray

It’s also worth noting that if you want to test the functionality of your new laser with Ruida, we’re happy to let you do so. In this case, you would:

  • Deactivate your existing license in LightBurn
  • Copy and paste the Trial ID into an email to our support email address with a request to extend the trial.
  • We will do so.

I have bought one year GRBL software.
Where can I find my serial number in order to reactivate ?

It would’ve been sent to you in an email. You can also use our license portal to find it (instructions here: How to access the license portal to manage your own activations).

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