Update to 1.2.01

After the update in lightburn to version 1.2.01 i lost the engraving/cuting power. I dont know if its in the update or my DIY Nedje 2 Max.

Almost certainly not in the update but let’s confirm.

What is the value of S Value Max in Device Settings?

Also, what are the values for $30, $31, $32 in Machine Settings?

Max S valu = 1000

Those values look fine. Unless LightBurn was generating bad gcode it’s unlikely the update has anything to do with a power drop.

Make sure you’re using the proper settings and that the speed units are what you expect (mm/min vs mm/s).

If not that I’d look for something in the hardware. Make sure your connections are all solid and there’s no damage to any of the cables. Possibly clean pins and connectors. If you haven’t cleaned the lens on your laser I suggest you do so with some IPA and a cotton swab.

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