Update to 1.4.01 and now my machine never ends a cut

Hello, I just upgrade my software to 1.4.01 and now my machine never ends a cut as get frozen on M2 command. The progress bar says busy and the timer keeps counting. If I press the stop button manually it doesn’t do anything and the machine is always on busy. I cannot move or home or anything. Does someone knows how can I solve this.

The fastest way is to change whatever strange setting happened is to revert user preferences.

In LightBurn, click File then click Load Prefs Backup and pick a file dated when LightBurn was working well for you.

Click Load.

That should remove any strange settings associated with your recent update.

Your profile says, “Sculpfun S9 Laser with a custom made machine”
is the controller custom or are you using the Sculpfun S9 controller?

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