Update version 1.0.06 problems

Has anyone had trouble with new lightburn update? i run update last night now when i engrave it jumps around on the job nomatter if i use fill groups,individually or what. version 1.0.06.it did not do this untill after updat

Do you have Flood Fill enabled? Which version were you using before?

not sure what version i was using before,i had someone helping me last night with issues and they said i needed to uninstall and after i downloaded and got going again,im having this issue.Where is flood fill i can not seem to find it

yes it is i just found it,do i need to un check?

It is the reason your fill is jumping all over. If you don’t want it to do that, then uncheck Flood Fill.


i have unchecked it but it still does same thing

Can you attach the file that you’re trying to run here?

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