Updated and have unusual issue

Been using lightburn for a year, just updated again but now, when my laser finishes a job sometimes when I try to send another it says it’s unable to and maybe the laser is paused…
Unplugging usb and plugging back in fixes it

Any idea of an option or setting that may fix issue?

Note, worked fine for a year before update, only after update it does this

Whits controller do you use? I have the same problem with my Trocen AWC708Lite.
What i do now is hit the buttom “divice” with a right mouse click an than it is working again.

Rudia controller, but as the problem was not there before update, I am guessing it’s a software thing

To get you going immediately, shift-clicking the ‘Devices’ button as @JohanB said resets the connection and should re-establish communication. But this does not completely address your issue.

Are you working with a known-good USB cable? Has your connection configuration changed (added or replaced USB hub as an example)? Have you recently updated your OS (like driver updates)? I’m digging a bit here, but wanting to eliminate other potential issues. Let’s start there. :slight_smile:

By me it is not a USB issue. I run it before on USB and now by the network. In both cases the same issue.

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