Updated Ruida Driver but Lightnurn Preview is freezing

Hi Everyone,

I updated my RD Works driver from RDC-V15.01.22 to RDC-V15.01.30 because my rotary tool was not working.
After updating to 01.30 the rotary is now working fine. Now I tried cutting and everything seems normal but
I noticed when I was trying to check the preview it is freezing. I already rebooted my computer / restarted everything but the issue is still there.
Any advise or similar experience and how you rersolved it?


Please expand this a bit. Which preview, the HMI panel on the laser or the LightBurn ‘Preview’? What does “freezing” mean, exactly? Do you get any report or error message presented? What happens when this freeze occurs? Share a bit more detail and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

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