Updated to 1.1.02 - now cutting a faint line when using framing function.

I just updated to 1.1.02 and the laser is now cutting a faint line when I use the framing function. I tried setting the power down to .05 before doing a framing but it still is powerful enough to see a line in the coating. Any help to fix this would be helpful.

First thing to look at is $30 and make sure the laser engraver is matching LightBurn’s understanding of ‘full blast’.

Open the console window and type the following:
Then hit enter.

Copy and paste that into a reply here. We are particularly interested in $30 but it wouldn’t cause any harm to throw the rest of the numbers in here.

Open Device Settings and see if you can see the S-value max box on the right hand side.

See if those two numbers match.

They do match but what does the spindle speed have to do with the laser coming on when you frame? They are both set to 1000. Also you must be using a different version then I am because your screen does not have “Laser on when Framing”

The Spindle Speed is PWM controlled and the laser engravers often use that PWM control to control the laser output. There are rare exceptions.

The laser coming on while framing should be barely on ( 2% or less - whatever you can see ) and it’s the new Default for Framing.

The next step is opening the console window and entering the following:
then press enter.

Please post that whole report in a reply here - the problem was not the usual suspect. I’d like to see if other settings that allow the controller to control the laser are correct.

Do you ever operate this device as a CNC mill? The controller may be hanging on to a code from that process.

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