Updated to v1.6.00 and lost connection to laser

I updated to the new version 6.00 and no longer have communication with my laser and camera. I’m communicating with the laser and camera via ethernet USB extender (this one: Amazon.com) and that’s been working perfectly until today when I installed the 6.00 update.

I tried re-installing the v1.5.06 but… no change.

How can I diagnose / cure this issue? What steps to take?

If downgrading doesn’t help it’s probably not related to the version. I suspect a setting that might have been changed during the update.

Did you check that the correct COM port was selected? Is it shown in Windows device manager? Maybe try to add the laser again as a new device?

I would try plugging straight into laser if possible.

My USB extender might coincidentally have died. Checking that first.

Sometimes when you update LightBurn, windows will do strange things, like ignore your preferences/settings. Go to File>Load Prefs Backup>Select an option that worked for you previously to get your settings back.

Yup. My USB extender had died. Replacement arrived last night. Installed it this morning and… It’s alive! Everything working perfectly again. Weird coincidence that the USB died in the couple of days between my last run and when I updated to 1.6.00 but there it is. Thank you all for your suggestions and support.