Updates and default settings

Why does anything in “default settings” change in any update. I have had default settings change more than once. I guess "shame on me’ for not checking.

I updated to 1.5.06 this morning. I lined up everything and started a job. Now i am watching my laser engrave 1 letter at a time…
I start checking settings, and lo and behold, “fill shapes individually” is now the default.
Why oh why would you change anything to do with default settings and not wave a flashing yellow beacon saying " warning, there is a change in default settings".


the behaviour you are experiencing on each update is abnormal
Nothing should change.

Do you have security software or antivirus like say norton or similar?
What OS?

Windows 11 and there is No Anti Virus or Malware software I am aware that would change default settings.
In 1.5.02 or 03 My default overscan changed from 2.5% to 5%…that is not a 3rd party issue. Others beyond myself have also documented the change to overscan.

some reset issues on update are known, the WHY is what is the unkown as far as i know.

A change to default settings…as in I was using the previous default setting. Settings i didnt change when I installed Lightburn for the first time in January.
The 2 specific ones I am mentioning, 1st was a change to overscan a few weeks ago and on the most recent update a change to grouping.
It sounds to me ( I have some technical experience) the update was tested on a specific rig, it picked up that specific user’s settings…by accident is the best estimation I can reason.
I cant contemplate another reason to change default settings without some sort of significant " We specifically did X for reason Y"
The change to overscan destroyed some material and the change to grouping nearly made me go insane lol.
Watching my rig “fill” each letter in a significant text wording…on very expensive wood mind you… I caught the issue after about 5 minutes but I could not stop the job and loose the material.

I’m just saying…if it was an accident, they need to test more. If it was purposeful, 1) why
2) Specifically announce a change to default settings


Going from 2.5% to 5% would only possibly push you out of bounds. With the laser off during overscan, how can it ruin a material?

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