Updating firmware on Ruida controller 6442S

Was thinking about updating the firmware but the only advantage of going up from where I am now is :
V8.01.67 Optimize the 3-color light logic


Optimize the encryption algorithm .

What do these things even mean? What’s a 3 color light logic? I googled it and nothing came up. Just curious if anyone has any info on this. thanks.

That would be for production shops requiring a stack light to indicate machine status so everybody knows what’s going on:


Doesn’t matter for most of us. :grin:

Based on a vague hint I got from OMTech a while ago, I think it might have something to do with using the machine in a rental / leasing environment, where it stops working after a programmed interval probably based on money changing hands.

This says something about that, in a vague way:

Protip: Never upgrade a machine’s firmware without absolutely solid knowledge that it will solve a problem you already have, lest you create a new problem you never imagined.

Excellent advice … I’ll add you will be lucky if you don’t end up with more new problems, added to the one you started with…


well… based on this info, I have no reason to touch the firmware at all. thanks for clearing it up for me and I’m sure a few others who were looking into this!!

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