Upgrade from to 1.1.03 problem

I recently purchased a new computer. My old system was running I did a fresh install on the new system of the 1.1.03 version. My problem is that none of my files will load with the new version. They are completely empty. I tried exporting my preferences from the old computer and importing them to the new to no avail.

Any suggestions?

That’s very odd. If you do a Ctrl-Shift-A does it put the design in frame?

If not, can you able to upload a sample file here?

When you say “none of my files” do you mean LightBurn project files? Where are they stored? Can you attach an example file? We’ve seen issues with cloud-sync services like Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, etc causing problems before.

None of my lightburn files would import. It seems like onedrive might be the culprit. I marked my lightburn folder to “always keep on this device” and the files now load.

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