Upgrade requires disk "E"

I am trying to upgrade my Lightburn install, but upgrade install fails looking for drive “E”. There does not seem to be an option to choose a different drive during he upgrade install process. My computer is a Dell Latitude e6430 running windows 10. I am feeling like I must be missing something simple. Any Ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

LightBurn should just install to your Program Files folder, usually on drive C: Do you not have a C: drive?

Affirmative, I have a drive C and a drive D in my laptop. Yet when I go to upgrade the current install, it tries to load to drive E. It does not give me an option to chose a path or drive.

That makes no sense to me at all - I do not have a drive E:, so there’s something weird going on. Can you show a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

Could the original installation have been done from a flash drive?

If it was, LB may store that information and try to access it again. I would try the upgrade version from a flash drive at e: drive.


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