Upgrade to 1.0.06 failing on DLL

Windows 10 (might be 11, not sure). Tried to update from 1.0.04 to 1.0.06 with admin privileges.

It couldn’t replace the camera DLL and stopped. I retried, no admin or user account had LB running or anything with the camera, but it couldn’t change it. After tinkering for half an hour or so I tried renaming that DLL but it just resulted in the installer choking on the next DLL. Renamed, and the next one…

This wasn’t working and I took the offer to back out the changes and return to 1.0.04. Everything appeared to resolve quietly, except now it says it IS version 1.0.06 when I run. Working so far, but I don’t have high confidence in this install.

I’d like to reinstall for real, any idea why LB can’t replace the DLLs?

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