Upgrade to DSP Question

Just a quick one but if I upgrade to DSP licence when i finally get c02 later this year will my gcode ability stop working or will it incorporate that as well?

Be nice to keep the eleksmaker I have going for some jobs perhaps.


DSP does both, I do believe.


Yes, DSP includes GCode support. This is the current list from main site (as of post date).

The DSP version supports the following controllers:

Ruida (RDC6442G / S, RDC6332G, RDC6344S, RDLC-320, RDLC-220)
Boss Laser LS series
LightObject R5-DSP
Voccell DLS / ST908
Thunder Laser Nova series
Trocen Anywells AWC 708c Lite and 608 (Ethernet only)
LightObject LO-X7 DSP
Smoothieware (GCode based)
Grbl / Grbl-LPC (GCode based)
Marlin (GCode based)

Please note that the AWC controller support is brand new, and some features are still being filled in.

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Thanks both, just trying to work out budget before i dive in to co2 territory, most likely ruida based chinese one. just to figure out whats best ruida controller to get now