Upgraded NEJE freezes randomly losing location

My Master 2S has been giving problems of losing signal; from LightBurn. The forum mentioned that NEJE has a mother board fix for that.

I also upgraded to the 40640 Laser and 4 Amp power supply as soon as it became available, and had no problem with shutdown until a month and half ago. I initially ran on 3A power, upgraded to 4A, and yesterday 10A switching power supply…still freezes randomly after about 1 hour. I have ordered a powered USB HUB and another USB3.0 Cable. I sent this note to NEJE at your NEJE help address, was forced to THEIR Forum and receive no Reply. I know there are additional; NEJE 2S and 3S users with the same problem. I ran it for 6 months with no problems.
Please advise,
Bill Redd (unlimited_design@msn.com)

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