Upgraded to 1.1.00 today and center-snapping is much worse

So I use the drag-to-center-snap LOTS. Like all the time.
Today after the update, I have too zoom WAY in to get it to center-snap. And even then it’s tricky to find the center and have the cursor change to the center-snapped one. From normal-use zoom levels it is totally impossible to center-snap while dragging for me as of today.

Checked in settings, and I have “snap to objects” on, and also tried changing “object snap distance” value, but between 2 and 100 it makes no functional difference to center-snapping.

I know there is the button to select and center-align both axes, but I really liked how it worked before!

Is there a sensitivity setting I’m missing?
I can screen-grab if neccessary?

Thanks in advance,

On my Linux Mint system there are no issues with centernap in ver.1.1.0

Just having a chat with Oz about the new snapping behavior. We made some adjustments to the underpinnings of snapping behavior to assist with drawing shapes. We are aware of what you are reporting and working on it. For now, you can hold the ALT key while moving stuff and the snaps are stickier (They snap from 3x further away.), which will help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prompt reply!
The alt modifier is a neat idea, and I can now center-snap-drag after zooming in lots (instead of a ridiculous amount).
I have my fingers crossed for a “Snap Stickiness” setting to change in the future! Or just the previous behaviour!
I unfortunately will be downgrading back to .06 for now though, as I have lots of work to do!
(While I do understand that snapping was hindering drawing at times, I always found holding CTRL to disable snapping to work a charm)

I haven’t yet downgraded, and noticed it acts very differently depending on the scale of the objects snapping and being snapped to (which wasn’t noticable before).
Depending on the scale of my jobs the drag-center-snap can be usable, or not.

I’ve cleaned this up so it feels like it did before. It’s a bit fussy to get all the “weighting” right.

I was trying to draw some shapes a few days ago and noticed that if I used tool lines as guides, I couldn’t get it to snap to grid if I happened to be on the lines, so I made some tweaks to the weighting. I had also previously changed how Line mode works internally (to get the curve behavior) and that broke some of the snapping behavior too.

Todays tweaks make it all a lot neater, and I made the Alt key hold weight ONLY object snaps, not grid snaps, and increased the range a touch there too. I think you’ll be happy with the changes, and if not, you can reply here again after the update and we’ll revisit.


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