Upgraded to LightBurn 1.1.00 and now Frame burns

My setup was working great and then I got a notification of LightBurn 1.1.00 release. Now when I click Frame, the laser does the outline of the design but at a much higher setting than it used to. It is to the point that it burns the wood – as if it were at about 60% power. Any thoughts on how to adjust this setting back to where it was in the previous version.

My work around for now is to draw a box (in a separate layer running at 0% power and 3 passes. I can ensure my part is aligned before I switch layers and output.

I am running a GRBL NEJE laser on a Windows 10 machine.


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I turned off the Fire button in Device Settings and things seem to work correctly again.

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I have same issue

The Fire button is what controls this, and the power value beside it. We got a constant stream of complaints from users who want to frame with the diode enabled - It used to be that you had to hold the Shift key to turn the diode on during framing, but it was almost universally hated, so I relented and changed it.

If you have the Fire button enabled, the frame functions will now enable the laser by default, using the power value specified next to the Fire button.


I tried running frame with the fire button power level at 0.25% and it still was bright enough to burn. I could be mistaken; I will turn the fire button back on and check again. Thanks for your efforts!

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