Upgraded to new lightburn, lost my file: .lbrn2 yes, .lbrn no

I tried upgrading: didn’t like some things so decided to postponr rolling it out to my team.
But the one file I pulled into the new lightburn and saved as .lbrn2 has now vanished as .lbrn. So I cannot open it with the older version of lightburn. It’s there, but it loads in as an empty file. The beginning of the file says:
LightBurnProject AppVersion=“1.5.06” FormatVersion=“0” MaterialHeight=“0” MirrorX=“False” MirrorY=“True”

But the old lightburn is not 1.5.06.

I saved it (using new Lightburn )as .svg, but old Lightburn opens it empty.

So: is the old .lbrn hiding somewhere?
Or is there a way to convert from .lbrn2 back to .lbrn?

Well, it magically came back. Also, cutting and pasting works.


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