Upgrades changing lightburn characteristics

I have tried each of the new upgrades but after trying them I go back to 1.4. To much to learn why the program selects my diode laser instead of my CO2 laser and changed speed to mm/min instead of mm/sec. Also frame speed is extremely slow even after I adjust the move window.

Some settings are reset to defaults sometimes, but I never had a major problem upgrading. If you have multiple lasers created, you can define which one is selected by default. It’s a feature that the units change according to the device profile selected, which absolutely makes sense.

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Most Diode users prefer mm/min as is the community standard for Diode lasers.
The mm/min mm/sec is stored per device. so if you change the setting with your Diode profile enabled it will stay.

Frame speed is set by the speed of MOVE panel.

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Sort of … on my Ruida, that’s true only if you use frame from within Lightburn… which I don’t ever use, since the machine is in the garage or remote from the pc. I run all mine from the machines console.

If you send it to the Ruida, then frame, it uses the speed set from the machines console.

Have never tried it with an ssl (diode) laser… this isn’t in the generated code, so I’d expect it to use whatever it’s default is, but it’s speculation.



Right, I assumed that was the use case and shouldn’t have!