Upgrading a Ortur Master 2 7W to 15 watt laser

Is there a way to upgrade the 7w laser to say a 15w.
The wire and connection seem different

Greetings Luc
7W module has a 4 wire pre installed

15 and 20W only 3
They are interchangable and direct plug and play (assuming you buy ortur modules granted)

So as a solution, would I just need a new wire?
Because all 4 wires are soldered tithe 7 w module.
OR do I need to cross 2 wires?

Not sure if you already bought the new module, but if not ask for a connecting cable as well, explaining the situation.

Otherwise you will have to purchase or create your own
You only need 3 cables
Grd, 12v, and PWM (Black, red and white)

I found this out after I had already purchased and received a 20W laser from GearBest. The 7W has a Black, Red, Green and Yellow wire. The 20W has a Black, Red and White. I would assume the Black and Red on the 20W would connect to the same location as the Black and the Red on the 7W. Am I correct about the Black and Red wires? Which pin would I connect the White wire to?

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Hi, did this work for you? Does anybody know where I can buy this cable? Iā€™m upgrading to a 15 watt, and noticing the same issue.

I just built mine after knowing what wire does what.
Buy the crimper and ends.