Upgrading module

I didn’t get the Atom Stack P9 M50 as I thought. Nonetheless, the M50 module is being gifted to me, and I have mixed feelings. One, compatibility. Two, if it does work, will I have to re-add my existing machine?

I’d be interested to know if the M50 module can be powered from the controller or not. Which engraver are you planning on installing the M50 module on?

You shouldn’t have to re-add your Laser Engraver. If you plan on switching back and forth you may want to build a second device profile for the higher power laser. If this is a one-way upgrade there shouldn’t be any changes visible from LightBurn other than your need to reduce the power output. You will more than likely need to perform a couple of Material Test patterns to get settings that work for your new laser engrave head.

I’m interested as well , and I’ve gotten mixed answers on the compatibility of it, so that’s why I have my skepticism. But I’ll give it a go. It’s for my AtomStack P7 M30. Some people over at AtomStack say it’s compatible, while others say it’s not. It’s really confusing, but the worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work, and I can send it back and try for the P9 in August. But ill keep you informed

It works flawlessly :blush: quite powerful :joy:

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