Upside down and can't do homing

I have suddenly got a problem. When I jogging the laser head ( arrow up ) it moves to the front. right and left is ok.
I got an error 9 when homming,
Help please

Error 9: Machine is locked in error of some sort and you tried to issue a movement command. Is it sitting on a limit switch?

Alarm 9: Wh en Homing, GRBL will not travel farther than the values in parameters $130, $131, and $132 while trying to locate a limit switch. So even if soft limits are of, make sure these values are correct.

How suddenly?
Has the machine been working okay in the past?
Has anyone changed the $$ GRBL parameters using the Console window?
Did you do an update to the GRBL software?

I was making a hole for scisser lift, and made a hole in the flatcabel. I just got a new one and nothing works.

it is the exact same cable a k40 style but all info on cable is the same.

Before that everything works fine.

Maybe the controllerboard is defective. Every time I reconnect usb a new error shows up.

I has made a total reset of Lightburn and setup the co2 and more errors show up, left, right, up and down is mirrored

Lars Jensen

A helpful step may be recovering the settings that were working.

In LightBurn, click File, click Import Prefs and select a file with a date in the filename from when your engraver was working well for you.

You may have to do an aggressive search of your hard drive for the lbprefs files. LightBurn saves these often and they are good to have.

With those settings restored, we need to know two more things:

  • which cable did you replace? (Please share a link to the one you purchased.)
  • which two connectors were connected by this cable. (clear pictures of each end of the cable are fine)

I’m not certain I follow, but I’m guessing the cable was related to one of the motors - Please confirm.

Before changing anything else, with previous settings imported, verify the jogging behavior is either correct or not.

If one axis is reversed the wiring for a stepper motor cable is different.
If one axis travels only in one direction when it, and its opposite are commanded the stepper driver is damaged.
If jogging in X moves in Y and Jogging in Y moves in the X direction the cables have been the cables are crossed.

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til John

I have replaced this cable with a new from ebay, it was the only place I could find one it is 1200mm

or 120cm it goes from spindle to grblmini3.

The cable was anaunced to fit a K40 co2 laser mine is a vevor 3020

Lars Jensen

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Looking at this, it shows that the flat cable is for the X motor only:

If motor directions are reversed from the Jog arrows in LightBurn it’s likely that the location of the Origin is opposite what it is set to.

Tell me, which jog directions are reversed?

For now I gave up, every time I start the laser is different from when I locked it down.
I wil order a new minigrbl3 hope that the controllerbord is the problem.
Thank you so much for trying to helping out.
I’ll be back when I get the new controllerboard.

Kindly Regards
Lars Jensen

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