Urgent help for machine parameters


my name is Nico, I have a VEVOR 100W laser with a RUIDA 644XS controller. Mainboard: RDLC-V8.01.64

Unfortunately I did a factory reset and now it no longer lasers.

I have no idea what has to be set where.

Can someone send me a file that I can import?

Thanks in advance

Best regards

You might try the RDWorks forum and see if anybody there has your controller. Once you get operational, make a back up of your Vendor setting just for this reason. I have a 6445G, but the firmware is different.

There might even be a directory of default files there, but I’m not sure.

Many thanks for your response,

unfortunately I cannot register in this forum.
I’ve tried several times.

I guess I’ll have to keep trying.

Best wishes

Don;t know why.My only problem was my junk filter kept snagging the RDWorks forum responses. Check your junk folder, and turn off auto delete on it if you have that on.

If you do have to start from scratch, which is somewhat likely, this might help:

I have used this before for settings, its only a few dollars

Matt has most of the basic settings on his video of changing out his controller. I hit pause as he changed screens and put them in my new one. Got me up and running with only a few tweaks. Fir my new install, I didn’t connect anything but the power and control panel, you might want to disconnect your steppers so they aren’t banging around until you get your parameters in.

I should have the same machine but with an 80 w tube. I’m at work atm. But I can send you my backup when I get home. Always backup your machine settings. I accidentally reset mine once too, but luckily had a backup.

RDC6442S_080720.txt (2.4 KB)
Rename that file to be a “.RDVSet” file and I think that should be the right thing.
Just came home from a night shift, so may be the wrong thing, will check again in like 8-9 hours.
Are you sure about the Ruida 644XS? 6442s is what I thought Vevor uses and what I have in my machine. The file I sent is for the 80 w red and black from vevor, so you may have to change some things.

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