Urgent HELP - Move Laser To is NOT working correctly - What's wrong?

I’ve used Lightburn quite a while and ran today in a Major problem I’ve never encountered before.
I have an irregular shaped target to laser engrave and thus my usual methof of exactly positioning the laser and checking the frame (area to be laser engraved) does not work.
So I thought, great Lightburn has the Move Laser To … menu, ahh , yoeah that was a nice dream, but in reality that functionality is unfortunately NOT working as expected.
The Origin is the lower left corner of the workpiece, I I set it on the machine (Launa MX) as Origin. But if I move there via Move Laser To … Lower left corner of selection, the laser head moves at least an ich up and right of that position. There should be zero movement! All other spots (like center of selection upper right corner, etc. ) are off too.
I can’t get the Origin set of the machine identical to the Origin in Lightburn.
What is going on?
How to get both Origins in sync?
Urgent help here is deeply appreciated.

There is no origin on Lightburn for the Ruida. It is set via the control panel when the head is positioned where you want it.

There is not enough information here for me to make much of a guess…

Do you use ‘user origin’, ‘absolute coordinates’ when you use the machine. I commonly use absolute for projects… however both work if setup properly.

I would think the ‘set laser position’ should work also.

Is there an offset applied somewhere?

Good luck


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