USB Connection Lost

I am at my breaking point. I have a K40 with an C3D board. I haven’t used my laser in a while so I started it up today. I am running Windows 11 on a custom desktop computer. Lightburn sees my laser without issue and I can communicate with it (move the head, etc…).

When I attempt to engrave however it connects and begins to move but immediately disconnects after no more than 5 seconds. Here is what I have done to correct:

I have moved the power onto a different circuit from the Laser/Pump/Fan
I have used 4 different USB cables - 2 - 10 foot cables and 2 - 6 foot cables
I have plugged cables into different USB slots on my PC
I have disabled the USB Selective suspend setting

I am at a total loss here. It was working fine with Windows 10, but it just doesn’t seem to want to work. I’ve installed the current version and an older version of Lightburn to no avail. HELP!!!

My first diagnostic question is about the usb cables. Do they have ferrite beads on them? These can really reduce system noise.

My second diagnostic thought is, do you have a 3 foot USB cable (or shorter) available for testing?

There are a few communications settings like Speed and DTR which may help with the sudden stop.

Information from the Console window in LightBurn may also inform us as to what the obstacle might be here. Any error messages or messages that the job completes there?

Hello and thanks for the reply. Yes all the USB cables I’ve used have the ferrite beads on them.

I have used 3, 6 and 10 foot cables. I have tried using on both a Desktop and on a laptop with same outcome.
As far as error messages go, I really get none other than it saying “Connection Lost” then homing the head.

hello Andrew I’m really new at this but I had something very similar and still do sometimes…
I switch my Com ports just the other day all was going great stopped for coffee break switched the laser off came back turned on laser and connection lost switched to another Port and all back going again…Strange it’s not the LB version cause it’s been happening for a while now…

So what is the fix? I did all the same thing as Andrew
I have tried 3 USB cables I have a new shielded cable arriving tomorrow will try that

Are you “Sending” the engrave file or “Starting” the file? If your K40 board has little memory it might stall on an engrave. “Start” sends and keeps connection… maybe you could try it differently?

I am starting, so sending directly to the laser. I’m using a Cohesion board so I cannot see what the issue is at all?!? At this point I’m almost willing to put the stock board back in.

I’ve also rolled back the software to somewhere in 2021 when it was working.

So the question is… is this a Lightburn issue or a Board issue?

Having the same problem right out of the blue. Ran fine 2 days ago now trying to cut a simple file and my laser kicks on for about 2mm of cut and the brd suddenly resets. Haven’t changed a thing other then turning off the laser and pc for a couple days. Now I’m swapping cables, about to swap out my controller, may try running from the laptop. Very frustrating. I wish there was a verbose com traffic log file or something we could study. I’m running directly to a Arduino Mega with Ramps, Ubuntu 22.04.1, Lightburn 1.2.02 (should be .03 but this seems to be a compiler error from Lightburn). been running fine for months until tonight.

Second the question, is this a Lightburn issue or a board issue?

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