Usb connection to laser master 3 doesn't work

i use a macbook and wanted to use the free software of lightburn to see if my laser Master 3 would connect to it, tturns out it doesn’t, i connectet it from usb to usb-c, why ist there a problem and how can fix this? (Note: i don’t want to use wifi since where i use it it’s kina bad.)

You need to install the USB driver first. Did you do that? Otherwise, search for “ch340 mac driver”.
Next, try different cables and USB hubs, I read about many users having problems with Macs and direct USB connections.

Is the ch340 driver a programm that i have to install or a port that i have to buy?? I have macbook air on macOS 14.4 if that helps

It may sound silly but are you sure you have connected to the correct COM PORT when you have connected everything up, I struggled for hours as to why My Laptop would not link up with my A20MAX only to find in the laser section of LightBurn thay=t i had not selected the Com Paort 3 , it may be a different port for you but I believe it is woth mentioning, Oftrn with these problems tha answer is generally the most simplest and overlooked option.

Is this a M1 chip mac?

You need the simplest, dumbest USBC to USBA hub you can find on amazon.
This is to force the usb handshake to be 2.0 instead of - what macos trys to do - USB3.0 (which fails)

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