USB Extender to Camera Help

My computer is going to be running in my office, about 80ft away from my Mira9 laser machine. The Mira 9 comes with a 5mp Lightburn camera.

I know the camera only connects via USB.

There many active, powered USB extenders on the market, up to 100ft., and I have a powered USB hub. Will a setup like this work? I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t, but before I spend the cash, I wanted to see if anyone here has tried something like this before.

Also, would a USB —>Ethernet —>USB maybe work?


In this case it seems like a camera will not be of much use for you. It is to help align material on the bed. If you have to place the material, then walk the 80 feet back and forth to tweak the material placement it is not going to be of much use. It is not designed for remote monitoring of the laser, and being USB you are limited to a 16’ cable unless you use an active extension.

Well, you can also use a camera to align artwork to an already placed material. 80ft isn’t really optimal I know lol.

I don’t know if I’ve seen one go that far before. I can’t say for sure if that will work or not.

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