USB numberpad direction

I bought a cheap USB numberpad so I could more easily position the laser. It only moved the laser to the right. When I press #4 with NumLock on it goes right instead of left.

Is another setting i need ? Or maybe a log to check ?

I tried the numberpad with a text editor and it is working as expected there.

More likely, the PCB has an occasionally shorted trace forcing that key to send the wrong code when pressed exactly right.

Did you check characters and cursor movement in the text editor?

They’re not the most exquisite pieces of electronics I’ve ever met:

@ednisley , do you happen to know of a keypad that works?

Only the ones that haven’t failed yet!

I would expect a reputable (pronounced “not dirt cheap”) brand, like Logitech, might have better QC than a randomly named and vowel-challenged Amazon seller.

Other than that, who knows?

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