USB Stick files not being read by laser

Maybe it’s just me being in my bunker for so long but I can’t seem to figure out this problem. My laser was working fine the last time I used it about a month ago. I upgraded to the latest version of Lightburn 0.9.16 and attempted to run a file from a USB stick (formatted FAT32, Windows 10) but my laser doesn’t see the files. It just states that there are no files found. I have a RUIDA controller, 130w laser. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Same USB stick you used before?

Yes. I even reformatted the usb stick just to clear out any remaining files before copying a new file. Windows 10 reads and writes to the usb stick just fine and Lightburn can read the file from the usb stick also. Only the laser seems to have an issue.

Could you be dealing with this?:

What format are you saving the files in?

Can you not run an ethernet cable to the computer?

Double check your format. Windows loves to think everybody needs to follow what it does. It could quite likely have formatted your thumb drive NTFS instead of FAT32. Just for grins, you might do it FAT instead of FAT32. You have to treat your Ruida controller like a legacy device. That’s the level it operates at.

Only other thing I can think of is if the partition needs to be set active and or bootable. Some of the guys on the RDWorks forum could probably answer that better than i could. I run network most of the time, and a direct USB cable if my network is being a PITA that day.

What size thumb drive?

And is the file or files in the root directory?
Short file name too?

You could check if the usb header is still connected to the controller like it should

Ah, didn’t even think of that. Yes, the Ruida controller is VERY old school DOS. eight charter file name max, and no illegal charters. That includes spaces and extra dots.Letters, numbers, and I believe underscore and that’s about it. MUST be in the root, no sub directories.

I reformatted the usb thumbdrive again as FAT32, made sure my file was the only thing on the drive, no folders and the file name was fewer than eight characters. I even tried a different thumbdrive with the exact same results. I now believe it must be something wrong with controller. After removing the laser side panel, I noticed that two of the led indicator lights on the controller were active. Light #15 (+5v) was on continuously, while light #14 (run) was constantly blinking no matter if the thumbdrive was plugged in or not. I don’t know if this is normal operation as I haven’t been able to locate information about what those led lights on the controller indicate, like errors.

UPDATE: I connected my computer to the laser via a USB cable and everything seemed to work fine. The file was transmitted to the laser and then run normally.

I have the same scenario here. I run with my pc connected. Although I create files on my Mac in the house. I have tried reformatting multiple usb drives and still no recognition. I haven’t tried to create files to the usb using my pc yet. That’s something I will try next.

I even tried plugging the usb thumbdrive directly into the controller Udisk port with the same negative result.

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