Use Camera Alignment Data on Second Computer

I have one computer connected near the Laser. Another Computer is connected away from the laser. The first computer is aligned with camera using the wizard. The second computer is my composing and layout PC. Can I use the alignment data from the first computer and transfer that data (files) to the second computer. This would help me with composing my work on the table. I would then save the file to a remote folder and go first PC for final work with the laser.

So essentially I don’t want to run the camera alignment wizard on the second PC.


It’s possible to do this manually, but it’s not trivial. I have a task on my list to let you export / import the camera calibration data to make it simpler.

In LightBurn, go to File > Open prefs folder. The prefs.ini file there contains all settings in LightBurn, and it’s just a JSON file.

In that file is a list of devices (called “DeviceList”) and any device where you’ve associated a camera will have the following entries inside the nested “Settings” object:


If you carefully add those entries to the prefs file on the uncalibrated machine, it will work. Be aware that LightBurn writes the prefs file when you quit, so you’ll have to open the prefs folder then quit LightBurn before you edit the prefs, or it’ll nuke your changes.

If you copy the prefs.ini file somewhere (like your desktop), you can always put it back if you mess something up.

Great stuff, I will give that a try.

Thank You

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