Use of Macros to change laser offset in device settings

Hi hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I have a K40 mini gerbil using LB - Quick question re Macros

In Device settings, laser offset I set it to x12 y12. This gives an approx. 5mm margin for general work. Top left is my 0:0.

Macro 0 I have set the following command “Goto x8 Y5” [each command on a new line] This allows for slate coasters in a jig so that the laser knows where the top corner is of the slate which would be 8+12 =x20 & 5+12 =Y17

I want to set the next Macro for tiles so that the top left corner sits nicely against the exhaust and side bar where the coordinates would be X=7 Y=6.5

At present I physically change the offset in device settings for the tiles but wondered how to set the Macro up to change this or any way around save keep manually changing. I hope that this makes sense


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