User Interface Usage question

In the Move tab the distance control values increment in uneven numbers when you are in inch mode.
Is there any setting that this cant be controlled so that if you are inch mode and are at 0, then you click the up arrow it increments in 10th of an inch increments?

Below is a very short video showing what I am talking about.

I don’t have an answer for you on this, and like me you have probably observed that what is happening is the increment and decrement is by 10mm (and so the imperial equivalent of .39370 is what we are seeing). I have always just typed in the value. Maybe someone else will be more helpful if there is a configuration setting I have overlooked.

Did you know though, that you can use the scroll wheel of your mouse within the number area? And if you hold down the shift key while scrolling, the change in value will increase from 10mm per scroll to 100mm.

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Thanks for the info, what you are saying makes sense as far as the mm to inch coversion, also I tried the tip about the mouse wheel but I could only get it to increment by 100 using the CNTRL key.

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