User Origin and Absolute Coords not working

I can’t get User Origin and jAbsolute Coords to work correctly. No matter what I do the machine moves in negative Y and hits the limit switch. I can’t set a User origin or clear the one that in memory. I’m running GRBL on an Arduino. Any ideas??

Where is the zero (origin) on your machine? If it’s in the upper-right, as is common on CNC setups, you need to program an offset to move it to the front-left. We cover this in the docs here: Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

Order a cup of coffee and sit down. Trying to operate with frustration or anger ends with just breaking things.

One of the things that takes a while is getting the coordinate system down in your head how it works. Sounds like where I was not too long ago.

Don’t know about Light Burn application, but many grbl code senders I’ve run don’t really work properly if you don’t instruct your grbl control board to give it status updates. This is the $10 entry. I set mine to 31 to enable all data


Maybe one of the support people can let us know if this is required for Light Burn. I know the docs say it reports real time running state data that can’t be turned off. However I’ve been bitten by not turning it on.

Listen to Oz and go view the setup video again after you relax. It’s also nice to remember no one out here can read your mind and it’s clear to you, but you’ve given them little information to go on.

Are you trying to just trying to jog it, run gcode or give it a direct grbl command to move? Has it ever worked? These are simple things that are often overlooked.

You’ll get it figure out and much more quickly with these peoples help, just don’t get frustrated… (8’)

Take care…

I did the GRBL setup and and when I enter G0 X0 Y0 my machine moved towards the center of the bed, and when I enter G0 X10 Y10 the machines moves in the positive direction. So I entered G10 L2 P1 X-635 Y-635 which is half the size of my bed. Now when I enter G0 X0 Y0 the machine moves to the lower left hand of the bed, but X and Y are still 4.66 away from the homing position. Is there a way to move it the additional 4.66? Thanks Dave…

The simplest way is to physically move your machine to the front-left position, then power it off & on. When it powers up, it sets zero to wherever it is. The alternate way is to jog to the corner you want to use, then type G92 X0 Y0 in the console which tells it “this is X0 Y0”. Easier to use that than the G10 command, because for that one you need the exact amount of offset from wherever you are.

Thank you. Worked perfect.

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