User Origin and Node Editing

When I use Node edit I find that the user origin moves somewhere else than where I need it to be. I want to figure out why the origin moves and how can I prevent it from happening again.

Hit the Mac equivalent of Control-A (select all) and see if you have a vector hiding in plain sight that’s too small to otherwise locate.

You’re showing two layers in your layer list, but I can only see the content of C27. Where are the shapes for C30 (pink)?

The Green User Origin is originally located in the bottom left hand side of the blue layer C27 and all is fine until I go to node edit and on occasion while editing a segment of a line the green origin moves away to say the location on the screen shot. I am curious as to why it would do that and how to reset it back to the previous location.

The green origin point moves to accommodate the content of your file. I am also curious as to why it would move there, however you’re not providing any real specifics about what you’re doing other than “node editing” so I cannot say what is happening.

My best guess is that you are somehow creating a node at 0,0 (the origin of the machine). If you can send the file to support at lightburnsoftware dot com with a link to this thread I could verify that is what’s happening, but I still wouldn’t know why. Can you give more details about what you’re editing, or what kinds of operations you’re doing, and when you notice the dot move?

I will try to describe as best I can the procedure. I am cutting the layer into 1.5mm plywood held down by magnets. On occasion a magnet is in the way and the laser will. not of course cut the section below the small magnet. So instead of cutting the entire file again I will edited the file to expose the section to recut. The editing process of deleting nodes so that I can make a small selection of the file creates the movement of the green origin which is hit or miss as I tried to recreate the movement of the green origin but unable to. When it does happen I can see the exact moment of a node being deleted and the origin moving but do not know why this happens. Can the green origin be moved back ? I know this is strange but it has me curious to know what is occurring.

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