User Origin position not being respected when file opens

Rudia controller
version 9.18

I think I have mentioned this problem before but I may not have explained the problem very well.

When a file is opened that was set to User Origin with the 9 dot set to a particular location (say top right). If the objects to be engraved/cut are selected and the frame button pressed LightBurn will act as if the 9 dot origin was set to whatever position it was last in (from the previous file)

If I select a different origin position and then the top right, LightBurn will function correctly. But until the origin location is changed and then set back the green dot location on the screen will be where ever it was set for the last file even if that is a different position than the 9 dot display shows.

The solution would be to check the user origin position of the 9 dot when a file opens and make the green origin dot match it.

@adammhaile - I’m going to let you take this one. :slight_smile:

Fixed. It wasn’t correctly loading the origin setting from the file into the system prefs.
It will be in the next release.

Thanks Adam! One step closer to perfection.

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