User Origin Question

Hi Community. I have the Ortur laser master 2 and I had a question on setting the user origin for doing repeated cuts of the same part over and over. It cuts fine in the absolute coordinates position. Here is what I am trying to do. I can draw a 4 x 4 square in the center of the cut canvas and put a 1 inch circle in the center of it. I then take the red tear drop pointer and put it in the left top corner. Then I got the the laser window and change from absolute to the user origin position. When I click the start button an alarm saying “might cut out of bounds, continue anyway”. I saw a youtube video with a guy that had a thunder laser and he set his red marker to a point on the square marked it and he said he set the USER ORIGIN on his thunder laser controller. There is no controller on this Ortur. I was trying to find a way to align the laser head with the top left corner of these 4 x 4 squares and continue to engrave the same parts over and over again. A I said it all works fine with the absolute position. I am sorry if this has already been explained in the past. Maybe someone can post a step by step method I can try for this. As always thanks all for all the help in the past.


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