using a camera on a remote instance of LightBurn?

I have LightBurn and LaserGRBL installed on a laptop connected to my laser engraver in the hobby room. On that laptop is a network shared directory. On my main computer in the living room, I also run LightBurn just for laying out projects. I then send the file to the shared directory and run it from that computer.

Is there anyway that I can use a camera with the remote (living room layout) instance of LightBurn that can be used in layout?

So I guess that’s a no…

There’s a prudent amount of reluctance to enable anything that could be used for remote monitoring.

I’ve read the words,"…so we can sleep at night" from staff several times on this subject.

If you put a second camera in the engraver you could watch that one from your layout department. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I get that, especially in this litigious culture in which we live.

I do have a camera that I can see from the “layout department” :slight_smile: but it’s the wifi web cam I was asking about. I was hoping there was a way I could connect it to LightBurn. Oh well. I’ll figure out a work around. I truly appreciate the reply!

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