Using a Distance Sensor to Control the Height

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I’m trying to attach a distance sensor to the head of my laser (Chinese Red and Black 60W Orion knockoff) to make a pointmap of the material so I can have my bed move up and down to account for warping of material. I think I’d need to edit the code Lightburn sends to the cutter to add the control to move the bed, but I’m not sure how to do that. Any ideas/feedback on the project?

Ruida will not allow Z control moves during cuts. You have to stop, move the Z, cut, stop, move the Z, etc. Ruida controllers are fussy about the structure structure of the cutting file and where certain instructions are used - it’s not GCode, and it’s not editable or easily human readable.

It would be better to use a live focus head - real-time adjust the height of the laser head using a distance sensor, like this:

Thanks for the reply! I didn’t realize it wasn’t gcode, I must have looked at the wrong controller. My main concern with a live focus system is that the distance sensor would look into the cut (if it was aligned with the laser beam, and would see the material as farther away than it actually is).
Alternatively if it wasn’t aligned with the beam, it could see off the edge of the material (if the cut came close to the edge of the material), or look onto already cut material (that might be lower if the material was warped).

Now that I think about it though, having several sensors and taking an average of those distances (or something like that) could solve that problem. Do you know how existing systems do that?

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