Using a Raspberry Pi by exporting Lightburn GCode and sending to a GCode sender on the Pi

as I have different machines, I would like to offload my laptop and use a Pi for each machine. The design happens on my main laptop and then I want to send the GCode to the relevant Pi and then start a GCode sender on the Pi to which my engraver is connected.
Can I do this in this fashion with Lightburn?



Here is a detailed conversation about why LightBurn cannot natively run on a Pi, with a caveat:

Not sure what kind of machines you have but LightBurn can make the gCode, you can save it, and run it via any number of gCode senders that are available on Rasp Pi.

Hi raykholo,

I have a Elekslaser A3 Pro. Good to know that my idea should work. Will launch a Pi soon and test it out. I will also install some webcam software so I can monitor my engraving processes,


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