Using a Ruida mvc 5oo camera

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Is it possible to install a Ruida camera and use it with Lightburn?
lightburn recognises my laptopcamera but not my 5mp color camera


Is the 5mp from us? Is the laptop Win7? There are drivers you’d need to install for that.

I have no idea if a Ruida camera would work, and “mvc 5oo” turns up nothing with Google - can you provide a link?


Thank you for the fast response.

The camera system is:

RDV634XG is a laser cutting system with machine vision, This product include CCD camera, optical source and the RDV634XG controller. And integrated with the advanced imagine processing algorithm. The camera can be selected from 1.3 mega pixels to 5 mega pixels.

Laser on/off and laser power control from0~5V

PWM frequency is between 2 KHz to 50KHz, the duty is from 1% to 99%

Pulse+dir and +/-pulse is available

Linear and circular interpolation precision is 1 pulse

The speed of Imagine process is above 25 frame/s

Time of single imagine indentified is less than 50ms


1, led Driver type: RDV-Light-ACC1

2, Light source type: RDV - Light - acc1acc2

3, mechanical accessories: type: RDV-Light-ACC3

4, Camera type:RDV-CCD-C1

5, Camera lens: type:RDV-LENS-C1

The laptop is win 10
And i bought the camera from Ruida.

LightBurn doesn’t currently support cameras mounted to the laser head, so even if you could connect this camera it wouldn’t do what RDWorks does with it. It’s something we’re looking at.

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Thanks for the reply.

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