Using Bridges in Lightburn

I have read in the past you have mentioned adding the ability to use bridges. Without committing to a time line, do you have any idea when this might be available? This year, next year? I do a lot of cutting and it is a huge need. As of now, I have to export to RDWorks set of the bridges then export to svg and import back into Lightburn.

Thank you for your GREAT product!

I just took a look at our dedicated feature request/voting site to find two relevant posts.

28 votes - Ability to make bridges

And 37 votes - Automatic part tabbing tool

Signing up and adding your vote to either of these helps if you haven’t done so already. Once you have, you will be notified of status changes to the effort.

As for the timing…:wink:

Timing is tough because priorities shift depending on vendor demands, customer support load, moon phase, prevailing winds…

Perforation mode, with a long “cut” value and a short “skip” value is my go-to for bridges, but it doesn’t give you the ability to place them exactly where you want them. I’m currently doing a bunch of editor cleanup, and working on lead in / out, and TopWisdom support, but I’ll have a look at how much would be involved in doing proper bridges.

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