Using camera without hogging CPU

On a Mac. Latest version of LB.

I set up the camera, love using it for aligning material. However, I only need it to take a few time per job yet Lightburn maintains a persistent video connection if the camera is selected in the dropdown.

This video feed comes at the expense of 60% cpu utilization (vs 12 at idle) and the camera gets hot and generates a good amount of heat (potentially warping the 3D printed mount / adhesive tape I used). So naturally, I disconnect the camera with the dropdown after every overlay update. But now updating the overlay takes up to 6 or 7 clicks navigating tabs and dropdowns vs 1 click.

Can the “update overlay” button connect to the camera, take its picture, then disconnect from the camera instead?

What’s your CPU utilization at, if you just select “None” from the drop down list? Seems that would be an easier fix.

I believe this is what he was getting at here:

The camera getting hot is just how these cameras are, and that’s normal. I don’t currently record which camera is the last used camera, but that is on our list. I could add something that would connect, snapshot, and disconnect the last used camera if there was one. I’ll add it as a wish-list item.


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