Using Chilipeppr for sending GCode generated by Lightburn to a laser machine

Hi all,

looking for a way to use my Elekslaser A3 Pro remotely with a Raspberry Pi. Chilipeppr allows for using with a remote JSON server (installable on a Pi). Could I generate GCode with LightBurn and then send it via Chilipeppr to the JSON server on a Pi? I guess the same question goes for Octoprint, would that procedure work?



I did some programming on Chilipeppr a few years ago.

Octoprint has been great for my 3D Printers also, and there’s a plug-in for it to talk to grbl devices.

LightBurn has a save gCode button which you can then upload to Octoprint or import to Chilipeppr.

It would be beneficial for you to verify you are on the latest grbl firmware version.

Don’t run your laser unattended!

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