Using DropBox to store Lightburn files (files may be blank upon opening)

While researching our own issues with storing Lightburn files using Dropbox, we noticed something that may or may not help other users.

When we opened previously created Lightburn files on a new computer, the resulting files were blank. After chasing our tails for some time, we found the root cause.

The default configuration of Dropbox is to store everything in the cloud and download locally as you use it. If you were to right click on your folder containing your Lightburn files and select ‘make available offline’, and wait until all files have been downloaded locally, you’ll notice the files are no longer blank when opened in Lightburn.

For anyone using Dropbox to store files, who may think it’s an issue with previous versions of Lightburn, or the result of some type of corruption, I’d recommend trying this first. For us, it was an instant fix to an annoying problem.


Thank you, this makes sense.

We’ve seen empty files, data loss and damage from other shared files and file systems including two systems using external drives for files. It doesn’t happen for everyone and this is being investigated.

Thank you for letting us know that you’ve got a work-around.

Please also let us know if this continues to remain reliable for you.

You may want to consider a weekly backup from Dropbox to a removable storage device used only for backup and file recovery.

people forgot the old school method of shared storage offline with set permissions for changes.

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