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I have a Logitech MX2 mouse that has a tilting scroll wheel. This allows horizontal scrolling in most applications, eg Inkscape. Can it be enabled, or is there a workaround that would simulate it in Lightburn?

The scroll wheel is used for zooming in LightBurn, so it would likely feel really awkward to use the tilt for a different function. There isn’t a way to do this at present, no.

It’s a really well-engineered mouse; zooming in/out then tilting the wheel to scroll horizontally feels totally natural. In my opinion it’s more natural than the 2-handed action of holding down the space bar, holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse.
Are there any workarounds you know of using secondary apps such as HIDMacros, or a modern equivalent? I tried reassigning the buttons using the Logitech control panel, but that is limited to simple ‘hot key’ type of reassigns.

Does pressing the mouse wheel not work for you? That’s how view drag works now. The space bar is provided for those who don’t have a middle mouse button.

Aha! - Pressing the mouse wheel does nothing in software, but I went into the Logitech Options software and found that I could re-map the little switch they call a Gesture button, just behind the wheel, to be a middle mouse button. Even better, I found that it’s smart enough to be app specific. Now I’m view dragging like a pro! While I was in there I re-mapped the mouse tilt left to be ESC, mtr to be Zoom reset, back button to be Undo & forward button to be Redo.
I’m going to be so productive in 2021 :laughing:

Happy New Year Oz

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Hi @TrevorA

Thanks, I did not know the functionality of the mouse wheel, side click to move horizontally in the design.

Happy New Year! :tada:

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