Using keypad to move laser unexpected results

Using Grbl 1.1f , distance .25 in mode , when using the keypad with Numlock ON:
Press the 8 key the Y axis moves as expected. Press 8 again and Y axis moves about 1/2 the first distance. Press 8 again the Y axis barely moves. Press again , no movement.
Press the 2 key and Y axis moves as expected. Press again , NO movement.
Press the 6 key and Y moves and X moves. Press 6 again Y moves about 1/2 distance then no movement.
Press 4 and x moves neg as expected. Press again no movement.
Press 6 again and repeats the full ,1/2 , no movement.
If I alternate between 8 and 4 the Y axis moves back and forth(+ and -)
if I alternate between 4 and 2 I usually get no movement .
some movement change biased on last key pressed.
There are obviously many more combinations but the point is very few are as expected.

I get this same response from 2 different grbl machines using two different computers.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Ok after some experimenting I have determined that apparently I’m the only one on the planet using Imperial measurement. LOL This strange behavior only seems to happen when using imperial. If I switch everything to metric the arrow/number keys work as expected.
In playing with switching back an forth between metric an imperial the Get Position is giving me numbers I don’t understand. Without moving the laser, in imperial get position gives me x:.047 Y:.047. When I switch to metric and press get position I get X:30.41 Y:30 . If I switch back to imperial I get the same numbers as before .047 on both x and y.
Also I should mention I’m using version 9.2 (OZ the one you provided the link to), Windows 10 64 bit.

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