Using lasertree 80w AAPro with OB Blackbox 4x and cant get over 20% power to laser

hi everyone, new to lasers, i have a lead1510 cnc controlled by an openbuilds BlackBox, when operating the laser with openbuilds control i can run through the full range of power, however… when running with Lightburn it looks like its maxing out around 20%.

played round with different setting but can get it to cut anything, its not even making a mark.

Make sure the S-value Max in the Device Settings window matches the $30 parameter. It is typically 1000.

In the Cuts / Layers, Cut Settings window, see if the Max Power (%) is your problem.

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Does the speed affect the percentage of power, i.e if i speed up will the softwate automatically adjust the laser output?

Can get a lot more power out of the laser at 100% power through openbuilds co trol software via m3 tool on control versus 100% power in lightburn.

Technically, increasing speed will mean less time in a given spot, resulting in less power in a given spot. If you double the speed at a given % power, you will effectively reduce the power to half in that given spot. It is still 50% power.

The exception, where the software adjusts the laser power, is during decelleration (and accel) to prevent over-cooking in the corners. Full oower (sat 50%) would be too much when travel stopped to change diredtion.

To prevent under power at the ends of a raster scan, where you may need full power right up to the edge, you turn Overscan, typically 2.5% or so.

Does this help you get a grasp of how the laser operates?

it does thanks, however i think my issue was a loose wire, i’ve now sorted this and induced another issue, my laser is always on, im seeing a constant 1.6V from my PWM fro the blackbox even with the M3/4 command OFF, should the PWM be 0 volts to turn off the laser oor should there alwys be a voltage there?

In the Cuts window, is Constant Power turned on?

No not turned on