Using layers to speed things up

Playing around with thing on my Ortur laser I’ve tried to speed things up in my projects. And one thing I’ve noticed is how the laser goes across the item you are lasing and lots of times there is white space that doesn’t get lased.

This is normal in many projects and eats up time. I have set my laser to jump over white space for most projects and that can speed things up quite a bit in some cases. But what I’ve noticed is that keeping the laser in a small area to do a specific part of the job can speed things up more.

This works best if you aren’t lasing images, especially if they are the majority of the project. If you have many lines of text and some shapes and you are using “fill” then this will speed things up the most.

Each line of text should have it’s own layer that way the laser isn’t moving across the project skipping over lots of white space which just eats up time. Keep the laser in a smaller area where it can move quickly with as least white space as possible and you will get things done quicker.

I’ve saved 20-30% burn time using this method.

There’s a variety of selections in the optimization menu. Have you tried to use any of those?

The only optimization I currently have on now is the fast white space scan, I set it to 6000mm/min. Not really on the optimization list.

Pretty much think I have the default settings, which for the most part I agree with.

Cut inner shapes first
Reduce travel moves
Choose best starting point
Choose best direction


Order by layer
Order by priority

I need help making my logo go faster on 3” wood circle . It takes 23 min
For 2.5” logo. (70mm)
Does that seem normal?

In order to answer that, we need to know your current parameters. The best (and easiest) thing is to throw your file up here.
That matter, I have scanned and traced your logo and tested it with my parameters, here the estimated time is a little over 5 minutes.

You should be able to ‘drag and drop’ the .lbrn2 file on the edit window and it will upload it. :slight_smile:

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